Listen Up: Person-centred approaches to young people's mental health

In 2002, the Mental Health Foundation initiated the Youth Crisis Project. The first stage of the project, Youth Crisis 1, was a two-year consultation to find out from young people what they wanted from services when they were experiencing mental health problems. The consultation resulted in the creation of a 'wish list' for developing the ideal mental health service, including:

  • fast-track access to treatment and care
  • the opportunity for each young person to build a rapport with one person to guide them through services
  • greater sensitivity from service professionals in times of crisis
  • alternatives to medication
  • preventative strategies and access to resources prior to crisis point.

The second phase of this project, Listen Up, was set up in 2004, working with eight voluntary sector partner organisations across the United Kingdom. These partners were willing to develop their services in line with the 'wish list'  using responsive, new and creative approaches to their work, with a focus on exploring young people's experience of using services.

This project was completed in September 2007.