MyCare: The Challenges Facing Young Carers of Parents with a Severe Mental Illness

The project was established by the Mental Health Foundation in association with The Princess Royal Trust for Carers, to uncover the views of young carers, service workers and professionals from a variety of interconnected disciplines. The main aims of the project are to explore:

  • the needs of young people who care for a parent or parents with severe mental illness;
  • the factors that offer these young people a chance to build resilience against mental ill health;
  • how staff and services could best support these young carers.

We reviewed past research on the topic, and then completed interviews with a mixture of young carers, mental health professionals, education professionals and young carers' support workers.

The views and experiences of the various participants reported here reinforce the idea that there is a need for specialist peer support for these young people to achieve their full potential.

This project was funded by the Henry Smith Charity and the Man Group plc Charitable Trust.

This project is now complete, we are in the process of sharing our findings. We are also writing a paper for a peer-reviewed journal, based on the project.