Pieces of a Jigsaw: Positive Mental Health at Work

Pieces of a jigsaw

We are reviewing the evidence base for promoting positive mental health in workplaces and piloting and evaluating this with employer partners.

Whilst many mental health initiatives in workplaces address recruitment and retention for people experiencing mental health problems, or prevention of mental health problems and stress for existing employees, there are fewer evidence-based initiatives designed to promote positive mental health for all.

The project has a number of stages:

  • To review the evidence base for promoting positive mental health in workplace.
  • To undertake interviews and focus groups with key informants including experts in mental health, academia, businesses and with employees themselves.
  • To produce a report and academic paper entitled 'Pieces of a Jigsaw' that integrates this evidence and makes recommendations for a pilot¬†intervention.
  • To develop and evaluate an intervention with the NHS and employer partners and produce a resouce for wider use.

The report 'Pieces of a Jigsaw' is being finalised and will see the development and evaluation of a new intervention.

This two-year project has been sponsored by and developed in partnership with NHS Greater Glasgow Healthy Working Lives team.