See Me in work and the power of OK

As a management partner of Scottish anti-stigma programme See Me we have been involved from the start in the development of a focused, lived experience led approach to stigma and discrimination at work.

The See Me in Work Programme will support and enable workplaces in Scotland to address mental health stigma and discrimination.  

It will encourage employers to create a work environment where staff feel safe and able to talk openly about mental health and support employees experiencing mental health issues to access their rights.  

See Me can provide support for workplaces in Scotland to develop a plan of action to transform into a mentally friendly workplace and become a See Me in Work Partner. 

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The Power of Okay is See Me’s thought provoking campaign about disclosure. 'The power of okay' encourages all of us to open up conversations about mental health by asking one simple question ‘are you okay?’ The video above, nominated for several awards and available in a ‘clean’ and  an ‘honest’ version, is based on a poem by a person with lived experience, describing their own experience of work.

Getting people to talk with confidence about their mental health problems is the first step towards them getting the help they need.  There needs to be enough trust and openness for people with mental health problems to feel confident enough to talk about what is bothering them without the fear that they will be stigmatised or discriminated against.