Voices of Experience

VOX is Scotland’s only national mental health advocacy organisation run by service users for service users

Quick fact: The Scottish Government plans to spend a further £35 million over the next five years for 800 additional mental health workers in key settings such as A&Es, GP surgeries, and prisons [i]

VOX Scotland represents the views of its members’ to Scotland’s politicians and health professionals to make sure Scotland’s laws and mental health services reflect service user needs and interests.

VOX stands for Voices of eXperience, and VOX was formed to ensure that the voices of people with a lived experience of mental illness can actively shape Scotland’s laws; influence service design and delivery; promote a better understanding of mental illness in wider society; and advance the general interests of people with mental health issues.

In some ways, VOX acts as an intermediary between the people, Scotland’s Government and health and social care services. They try to promote a good ‘fit’ between mental health services and laws to ensure that everyone benefits and public money is spent wisely.

Pauline Bradley, VOX Director

“I joined VOX because I’m a survivor of the mental health system and have been empowered by meeting other survivors, and by being involved in organisations such as Survivors Poetry, Campaign Against Psychiatric Oppression and Survivors Speak Out. I attended the VOX AGM in 2014 and enjoyed the participation, the fact that it’s survivor-led and is open to direction from survivors. Not being listened to can exacerbate or even create mental health problems, so VOX’s approach is very refreshing!”

For more information, please contact:

Wendy McAuslan (Development Coordinator – VOX)

[email protected]

[i] Scottish Government (2017) New mental health strategy.