Work in Tune with Life

This pan-European initiative aims to promote mental health in workplaces

In the 21st century the mental health and well-being of employees is crucial to the success of an organisation. But how should an employer start to address mental health issues in the workplace? And what activities and policies do they need to set in place?

This Pan-European initiative aims to:

  • Increase the awareness of companies and the general public about the needs and benefits of mental health promotion at work 
  • Attract companies to take part in the campaign and to convince them that investments in workplace mental health promotion initiatives are worthwhile
  • Design practical measures and models for promoting mental health in workplace settings and encourage an exchange of experience in this field

Our staff in Scotland have taken a leadership role (in conjunction with TNO Netherlands) in developing guides for employers and employees. This outlines how the organisations can adopt, develop and evaluate whole workplace approaches incorporating employment retention, prevention of mental health problems and stress, and promotion of wellbeing. This is accompanied by a business case publication.

These frameworks/brochures have now been translated and are being used across Europe to inform practice and form the basis of campaigns for employers. Over 100 employers in the UK , and over 1000 employers in Europe have taken part in the Work in Tune with Life campaign in 2010.

The project will conclude in 2011 and the publications will be updated with good practice case studies from employers and will showcase at The European Commission's mental health pact meeting on employment in Berlin 2011.

We're also going to work in partnership with The Scottish Centre for Healthy Working Lives to identify how the project can influence the way we engage with employers in the future.

This is a three-year project (2008-11) undertaken in partnership with the Scottish Centre for Healthy Working Lives and The European Network for Workplace Health Promotion, funded by the European Commission Public Health Programme.